Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: James 1:19
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Pastor and Mrs Rutschmann
Christian Mission International
2019 Year of Lights


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Missions As Pastor, missionary and conference speaker Pastor Daniel Rutschmann visits many different countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. In Christian churches, on the streets and at conferences he preaches the full gospel of the love of God and his atonement through Jesus Christ. For him it is important that people learn to live holistic lives. He encourages and comforts people and offers to pray for them.The mission journeys to Bulgaria are connected with bringing humanitarian help. Food, clothes, medicines, computers, etc. are goods that are needed in great amounts. People live in need in every area of life. Pastor Daniel?s Christian understanding pushes him to encourage materially, pastorally and spiritually, according to the motto of William Booth: ?Soup, soap, salvation?. Preaching and social work belong together ? that is holistic help. Since April 2013 Pastor Daniel attends a yearly conference from Christ Embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa. 2015/2016 Pastor Daniel travelled to Bulgaria almost every month.In September, he usually visits India. Within 3 weeks he travels 1?000s of km and preaches as much as 4 messages a day (Sundays) in as many as 10 different churches in 4 major cities with its villages He also teaches in Bible schools. People were saved, healed and delivered. Many people claimed that they were mightily blessed by his ministry.Other ministries took him to Ukraine and other places. Although invitations to different places come every week, He decides to go where God wants him. By prayer and Bible study he receives guidance about international ministries.


Be blessed!!

Pastor Daniel Rutschmann