Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Philippians 2:3-4
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Pastor and Mrs Rutschmann
Christian Mission International
2020 Year of perfection

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Pastor Daniel Rutschmann was born to Salvation Army officers in Switzerland on 14th October 1955. While growing up, he told people about Jesus, even though he didnt have a personal relationship with him.Meeting Christians while living in Vienna, Austria, he was challenged by their vivid Christianity and claims that Jesus had delivered them from drugs. One day in his room he prayed, that if God was reality, he should prove himself in changing his life and by giving him the joy he had seen in those Christians. If God didn?t exist, or existed without power, he promised, he would never enter a church again and burn his Bible. That was in November 1975. Jesus proved himself to Pastor Daniel in a mighty way and changed his life from minority-complex into joyfulness.1976 he moved to England. On February 17th 1976 while he was praying in his room in London, God spoke to him and called him for mission work. In October of the same year, again praying in his room in the Midlands, God baptised him with the Holy Spirit. Joy bubbled all over him and he spoke in tongues for the first time. In 1978 Pastor Daniel entered the Bible College of the Salvation Army in London. He was ordained by the Salvation Army in London on May 23rd 1980. After doing social work in Austria and Switzerland, as well as leading Swiss Salvation Army churches, he resigned officership with the Salvation Army in 1985. Working with the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in a refugee camp in Berne, he was reminded of his call for mission work. After much prayer, he started services for Tamils in October 1987. His English messages were translated into Tamil. Out of these services, a church developed which he led for almost 20 years. Many leaders were trained by Pastor Daniel who in turn took over Tamil churches. 2006 Pastor Daniel stopped work with Tamil people and let them do their own ministry.From 2003 on Pastor Daniel was invited by many churches in Sri Lanka, India, Bulgaria and later in Ivory Coast, Ghana and USA. Much time was devoted to these missions, also by raising money to be able to travel. Main ministry in these mission trips was to strengthen believers, encourage Pastors, as well as evangelism on streets.On such a trip to Ethiopia Pastor Daniel met his wife and married only 5 months later.Together with 2 children they now live in Bern, Switzerland.Again becoming restless about not doing ministry work, Pastor Daniel and his family started a new church in their house in January 2009. After several months of trying tobring people home, they moved the meetings to a Hotel in Bern. Very few people came, mostly only visiting. In February 2011 a church in Bern (ICF) offered their rooms to Christian Mission International. There new people came and joined the meetings, even though some African refugees had to go back to their countries. The International church has turned out to attract mostly Africans, drawn of course by Pastor's African wife.


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